Inserting an Image into Custom Emails in Ki Tracking

How To properly insert an image into Ki Tracking, please do the following steps:

  • Login to Ki Tracking by going to eBay and clicking "Applications

  •  Select your desired location, Example "Tracking Messages" and US Status 1. as shown below:


  • It should look similar to this:


  •  Next click on "Image" as shown below:

Once here you will then see a window as shown below, you can use in the message and subject(List of custom variables. 

[[TITLE]] : The item title.
[[GALLERYURL]] : the item gallery photo.
[[ITEMLINK]] : the Url to the item on eBay.

[[NAME]] : the buyer's name.
[[STREET1]] : the street of the buyer.
[[STATE]] : the state of the buyer.
[[CITYNAME]] : the city name of the buyer.
[[POSTALCODE]] : the postal code of the buyer.
[[COUNTRY]] : the country of the buyer.
[[ITEMID]] : The Item Number.
[[USERID]] : The eBay User Id of the Buyer.
[[SHIPPINGUSED]] : The shipping used to send the item.
[[TRACKINGNUMBER]] : Tracking number.
[[SELLERID]] : The eBay Id of the Seller (your eBay Id).
[[FEEDBACKLINK]] : generates a link to the tracking page for the item in the form of http://.....
[[REMOVEMELINK]] : generates a link so that the user can add themselves to the black list in the form of http://.....
[[FAVORITESELLER]] : generates a link so that the user can add you as a favorite seller in the form of http://.....
[[TRACKINGNUMBERLINK]] : generates the tracking number with a link to the provider web site.
[[TRACKINGNUMBERMESSAGE]] : replaces the message you have setup in the Config section depending on the availability and the provide


 Next go to the Link Tab and enter the Item URL

 When completed yours should display similar to my displayed below:


 Lastly, to edit your image size, click on it and you will see the image screen properties, as displayed below:


Hit OK and then Click on Save this Information

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